Acoustic prediction with room acoustic simulation software

Published: 11th November 2009
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Room Acoustic Simulations helps in predicting the room impulse response and the acoustical parameters from ISO 3382-1, which are particularly important in design of buildings made with the purpose of enjoying music. The interior space acoustics or room acoustics is the science of controlling sound absorbing and reflecting properties of room surfaces.

We offer room acoustic simulation software - Odeon. The Room Acoustic Software can handle room acoustics, loudspeaker installations and to some extend building acoustics or sound transmission in the same model. Results come as acoustic parameters, graphs, gif animations and you can hear what the simulated room will sound like.

The Acoustic Prediction Software is available for: -
· Concert and Opera halls, Theatres, Churches and Mosques
· Open Plan offices, Foyers, Restaurants, Music Studios
· Underground and Railway Stations, Airport terminals
· Industrial Environments and Outdoor areas with complicated geometry

Odeon Acoustic Simulation Software is available in 3 editions namely Industrial, Auditorium and Combined.

Odeon Auditorium features and advantages are mentioned below: -
· Simulation of reverberation time measurements - The reverberation time is calculated from the integrated squared impulse response method
· Room acoustic parameters according to ISO 3382-1 for performance spaces are calculated - Objective descriptors of the following listener aspects: level of sound, reverberation time, clarity of sound, apparent source width, and listener envelopment
· Stage parameters according to ISO 3382-1 are calculated - Used for characterizing the ensemble conditions and the perceived reverberation for musicians on the stage
· Calculated STI (Speech Transmission Index) - Objective descriptor of the speech intelligibility in a listener position taking the reverberation and background noise into account
· Global reverberation time estimate - Very fast and accurate, takes into account the room geometry and the distribution of absorption materials and surface scattering
· Mapping of room acoustic parameters in grids - Overview of sound distribution; easy to localise hot spots
· The impulse response in a single position can be displayed and analyzed in reflectogram and 3D reflection path - The analysis in time and space is an efficient tool for optimizing early reflections in an auditorium
· Source directivity can be applied - Loudspeaker data can be applied using the open CLF (Common Loudspeaker Format,, supported by many loudspeaker manufacturers
· Visualization of reflections from selected surfaces, e.g. reflector panels - A 3D tool for design of reflectors

Our Acoustic Simulation Software allows engineering teams to evaluate the acoustic behavior of a building or a room. The Acoustic Prediction Software gives fast and accurate predictions as its dedicated post-processing capabilities provide immediate feedback regarding acoustic responses and parameters.

If you are interested to know more about Acoustic Modelling , please search our site for more in-depth information and resources.

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